Senaling,Kuala Pilah,Negeri Sembilan.
MYR 15.00
Available Dates

MYR 15.00 / Person per 2 night(s)

Basic Camping
Check-in: 08:00 AM
Check-out: 03:00 PM

Located in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan these are 9 reasons u should visit Kem Sri Pilah soon!

1. Spacious campsite that can accommodate up to 139 people.
2. Camping in a fruit orchard. Rambutan trees provide extra shade all year round and of course, rambutan when it is in season!
3. Perimeter fencing for safety and peace of mind.
4. Next to river and surrounded by naturally formed rock caves. Can also opt to camp at one of the caves with only few minutes guided walk from the Kem Sri Pilah.
5. Mini dam swimming pool. The area used to be a paddy field that has now dried up and a campground as of today. only the dam stays and for a good reason - to cool down in this tropical heat.
6. Jeram Tinggi, Jeram Licin, among more than 10 other waterfalls near the area.
7. 'Calang lebah' - Climb the tall trees to taste the local honey and you can see and try the local 'calang' method for harvesting the honey.
8 More rock caves around the area. Rich and rare photo ops needs double mention. just because, hehe
9. Play-pretend 'Tarzan' you can scream the lungs out hanging under tall trees

Package includes
- campgrounds
- basic facilities such as toilet and electricity
- open hall for activities and prayer space
- ample parking space
- pakej for up to 80 persons

Bring your own food and cooking equipments and utensils.
Add ons available for extra services

Number of guest: 50-100
Specialty: Corporate, Groups, Youth
Acitivities: Hiking , Jungle trekking, Swimming
Attractions: Cave, Hiking trails, River, Waterfall
Facilities: Electricity, Group Shelter, Kitchen , Parking , Praying Area/ Musolla, Toilet, Water
Access to campsite from mainroad: Bus - paved road and wide enough for bus to go in, park and make a turn, Sedan car - paved / unpaved road but good condition
  • Large Kitchen + MYR 150.00
  • Group Jungle trekking + MYR 350.00
  • Open tent 20ft x 20ft + MYR 250.00
  • House with 1 room (3 days 2 nights) + MYR 150.00
Kem Sri Pilah Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia 72000
About the camp provider

Adalah Tapak Perkhemahan berkonsepkan pekhemahan di pinggir hutan yang di tepinya di lengkapi sebatang sungai yang tidak membahayakan.Juga di kelilingi oleh pokok buah-buahan di kelilingnya.Pakej yang kami sediakan dari Pakej Basic hingga pakej lengkap.

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